Offbeat Wanderlust – 2017 Travel Journey

Offbeat Wanderlust – 2017 Travel Journey


2017 is about to end and it’s time to revisit this year’s travel experiences.

As I started writing this post, I realized we have been to 16 countries + Antarctica this year. This all is with our full-time jobs.

How we do it, read here “Tips to travel more with a full time job”.

This year has been the craziest adventure of all.


Here Are The Highlights

  • We visited 5 continents and explored Antarctic to Arctic

  • We started our New Year 2017 standing at the edge of an active volcano

  • Experienced 24 hours of sun in Iceland to 0 hours of sun in Sweden

  • Explored some of the hidden gems like Tajikistan and Kazakhstan where we hardly met any tourist

  • Finally we got to see the Northern Lights

  • Hiked in Patagonia, Argentina which was there on our bucket list forever

It was one hell of a ride and we pledge to make 2018 even a bigger travel adventure.

So here is our 2017 travel journey.


1) Ethiopia – Jan 2017

What could be a better way to start a new year than standing on the edge of an active volcano? Colorful sulphur lake in Danakil Depression is another place in Ethiopia that took our breath away. Read our full guide on Ethiopia here.


2) Argentina – Feb 2017

We love hiking and always wanted to hike in Patagonia. Finally, this year we got a chance to experience the hiking paradise of El Chalten, Ushuaia and Bariloche in Argentina. Short time spent in Buenos Aires was quite memorable as well.

Read all our articles related to our hiking experience in Argentina here.


3) Antarctica – March 2017

Mother of All Trips where words fall short of describing its beauty. We celebrated our 1 year anniversary ticking off 7 continents. Read all our articles related to the dream destination Antarctica here.


4) Cyprus – April 2017

A quick escape from Dubai to enjoy the laid back cobble stone villages of Cyprus.


5) Oman – May / November 2017

Weekend escape from Dubai every now and then.


6) Italy – June 2017

I took a solo backpacking trip across Italy and came back convinced that Italy is worth all the hype. History, art, landscape, hiking, beaches, adventure, cuisine and oh Italian guys (thank God, it was a solo trip…hehe). It has got something for all age and interest.


7) Lebanon – June 2017

While I took a solo trip to Italy, Max took a solo trip to Lebanon. He was happy to finally check it off his bucket list.


8) San Marino – July 2017

Had a quick escape to explore world’s fifth smallest country located at 650 m above the sea level with some awe inspiring view of the coast and countryside. Read our travel guide to San Marino.


9) Vatican City – July 2017

You cannot go to Rome and miss Vatican City and hence I made sure to visit the world’s smallest country. A day was good enough.


10) Paris, France – August 2017

It was our second time in Paris. Not a great fan but it was a day stopover on our way to Iceland.


11) Iceland – August 2017

2 weeks of a road trip around Iceland left us speechless.
Rarely do you chance upon a country where each attraction is prettier than the last. Iceland happens to be one of them. There are landscapes right out of a fairy tale, magnificent waterfalls you have never witnessed before, bubbling hot springs that will take your breath away, hidden caves, dramatic canyons and surreal glaciers that go for miles. Iceland is packed with beauty and diversity and hence has become our favorite country in the world. And oh, those colors of midnight sun we will cherish for a long time. Our full guide on Iceland you can read here.


12) Copenhagen, Denmark – August 2017

Copenhagen is a colorful, welcoming, hippy style compact city with a city center largely given over to cyclists and pedestrians. It’s easy to fall in love with Copenhagen even if you have limited time during your stay. Our short stay guide on Copenhagen here.


13) Tajikistan – August 2017

Looks like we travelled a lot in August. The short time we spent in Tajikistan was full of countless opportunities to experience its incredible nature, crazy adventure and friendly people. Read our 5 day suggested Itinerary for Tajikistan.


14) Georgia – September 2017

Georgia is a surreal canvas for hikers, cyclists, horse riders, rafters, skiers and travellers of every kind. A paradise for adventurers in short and we loved it. Read our suggested itinerary for Georgia.


15) Kazakhstan – October 2017

Kazakhstan means “Land of the Wanderers” – and the country’s truly incredible landscapes, hidden lakes, marvelous mountains, its history and culture reward those who choose to explore it. Best thing is that it is not a tourist hub yet. During our time there, we met almost no tourists. Read our Kazakhstan suggested 4 day itinerary.


16) Sweden – November 2017

This is a trip where we had a lot of first experiences.
Saw Aurora Borealis, ice climbed over a frozen waterfall, braved -30 degrees, hiked on a frozen lake, spotted many wild reindeer, cuddled huskies, crossed Arctic Circle, tasted reindeer meat and for the first time we were at a place where sun doesn’t rise at all… one crazy adventure that we will remember for a very long time. Read Budget guide to see Northern lights here.


17) Sri Lanka – December 2017

Sri Lanka. Pic Credit Kuoni

And finally I am taking my mom to Sri Lanka to celebrate New Year.


So yeh, 2017 was one hell of an adventure.

Did you travel anywhere in 2017 that took your breath away? What are your plans for 2018?

Got any questions from the places we visited? Then please drop in comment section.



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  1. I was also in Italy in July!! We were having a 10-day roadtrip through the country, but we skipped Rome (because I’ve been there in January)!!! Georgia must be so diverse and lovely country!!! And Antarctica…..what a place…..

    1. hands-down Antarctica and I think any oteh rtrip will ever come close to Antarctica… I wouldn’t even keep Antarctica in comparison basket ..hehe. so leaving Antarctica aside , e both loved Iceland a lot.

  2. Wow, you really had a great year of travel! I’d like to visit some of the central Asian countries one day, they look interesting. Hoping to go back to South America next year!

  3. Wow! 2017 was such a great year for you! 5 continents and 16 countries! You are my hero! Way to go! Iceland is one of my absolute favourites. Antarctica is on my list! Let’s hope I get to go soon.

  4. That’s some 2017 you’ve had, and you know what Over the past few months having read about your adventures, as you;ve mentioned yourself we are very similar in traveling styles and in tastes. There a quite a few places you’ve you’ve been to over the past year that I’ve added to my 2018 list. Although I do travel slower I might not be able to cover them all. But you have inspired me with some of the destinations you’ve been to – I look forward to seeing where 2018 takes you 😀

  5. Antarctica would be incredible. Our plan is to visit all 7 continents before our daughter turns 10. She will be 3 in February and has visited 3 continents. She’ll visit her 4th continent this coming summer. It sounds like 2017 was quite the adventure for you!

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