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Welcome To “Offbeat Wanderlust” Family

Who We Are?

Hi there! We are Ritika and Max from Offbeat Wanderlust. Ritika is from India and Max is from Belarus.

We both love travelling and adventure. Guess what? We met each other while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in 2013. We dated for 2.5 years while visiting some gorgeous locations together around the world. And eventually got married in March 2016 keeping the travel passion.

During our first 12 months of marriage we travelled across all the SEVEN CONTINENTS and we are not planning to slow down any time soon.


Our Travel Style

We are Budget Travelers who loves exploring offbeat places and that explains our blog name “Offbeat Wanderlust”. We have travelled to over 60 countries across 7 continents.

We enjoy hiking, scuba diving, camping, adventure sports or any other outdoor activities.

A very warm Welcome to “Offbeat Wanderlust” Family. This is where we will be sharing our photographs from around the world, adventure stories and budget travel tips.  Let us begin the adventure together. 

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